Titlas was first established in Florida as a consultancy outfit under the name Afropride International Inc with the primary objective of researching into project viability by means of market survey to determine marketability, and acceptance of products or services intended to be produced or offered by the emerging company.
Identifying the vacuum of unavailable corporate link between African businesses and the international business community, the founder Dr Adesina Layo Adeniyi took the advantage of his African origin to launch the company into the drive to promote African economy by serving as a link between the continent of Africa and the business world. This gave birth to various event brands designed to create a networking platform for businesses across the global divide.
Poised to capitalise on the huge expansion of trade between Africa and other part of the world, offices were  opened  in London to reach out to Europe, and Dubai, UAE, to reach out to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 
At Titlas, we are  committed to building sustainable business trusted worldwide for upholding high standards of corporate responsibility, economic  protection and investment  diversity. Whatever may be your line of business, at  Titlas, we have a role to play in ensuring your success in Africa.